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The medication product is oil-based injectable solutions of testosterone and is a combination of four kinds of androgen or anabolic steroids, namely testosterone propionate (30mg), phenylpropionate (60mg), isocaproate (60mg), caproate (100mg), and this is sold under the brand name Omnadren -250.  This is a product that you can consider an identical twin to Sustanon. It was initially used for the treatment of androgen deficient males and testosterone deficient men. While another use is that the athletes and bodybuilders use this to gain muscles, it makes them hard and strong.

This is prescribed as a dosage of 250 mg for a single injection every three to four weeks. Body Builders can take even 750 to 1000 milligrams per week if they want to enhance performance.  It is used as a replacement for testosterone which is a sex hormone necessary for growth and development in men and also plays an important role in the maintenance of secondary sex characteristics in the treatment of deficiency
ailment called hypogonadism.  For the treatment of breast cancer which may spread to other parts of the body, swelling during pregnancy in women, Omnadren 250 is used. Also beneficial to trigger and stimulate the delayed puberty in male teenagers. Without the doctor's prescriptions, please do not use them and order your product Omnadren 250 online now.

Steady Benefits of Using this Medication for Treatment

If you encounter any of these allergies or side effects, quickly consult your doctor or your nearby hospital as soon as possible. Always be aware of these Side Effects before using this product. Too much overdose or overuse during a long time can harm your health.

Significantly affects and is very useful for sexual dysfunctions in men.
it is a fast reactant with guaranteed results.

We prioritize your health first always be safe and informed about what product you are using so that any mishappenings can be avoided.

Beware of the fraud websites that poise to sell original products at a very cheap rate. Always check the ingredients of that product online before buying from different sites. We are the biggest supplier of Omnadren 250 online. And also, you can easily visit our official website and order to buy Omnadren 250.

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