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This is a generic name sold with brand name android, metandren, tested, and many more, etc. this is also used as a substitute for a naturally occurring substance called testosterone. It can trigger many parts of the body and the working. Buy the Methyltestosterone tablets now.

Its dosage depends on the medical condition of the patient. Still, usually, this medication is intake by mouth one to four times a day or according to the prescription of your doctor. It is used for 

  • Enhances the testosterone level in men,
  • Treatment of delayed puberty in boys
  • Used in menopausal hormone therapy.
  • In breast cancer treatment
  • Intake of methyltestosterone anabolic steroid with the estrogen can also

treat the problems and complications related to menopause. Its over-usage may cause big trouble for you with adverse and deadly side effects such as heart disease, including the attack, stroke, liver ailments, mental- mood problems like mood swings, uneven and uncontrolled bone growth. 
Like all other side effects, it also has side effects such as amnesia, anxiety, dry skin, sweating, vasodilation, impaired urination, dizziness, discolored hair, penis disorder, etc. If you are taking it for a very long time, then its sudden withdrawal may cause tiredness, weakness, depression, and anxiety, etc. To avoid this, doctor prescription and a gradual dose reduction are a must. Order online Methyltestosterone tablets now from us because we are providing them at the best possible prices.


Do not use it during pregnancy
inform the doctor at the time of consultation if you any allergies.

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