Lemon Cookies/ Spacemonkey

Lemon Cookies/ Spacemonkey

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Lemon cookies cannabis strain is a category of Sativa dominant hybrid. It consists of 60% sativa and 40% indica in quantity. Lemon cookies cannabis strain is a cross between Lemon haze and GSC cannabis strains. These cookies especially recommended for morning and daytime usage. As lemon cookies cannabis strain’s creative high tingles through someone with positive euphoria but still he/she can stay functional to maintain the balance. An individual will feel free from tension. Your body will not be fixed with the couch or sofa but it will relax.

This strain is tasty and feels like as made in heaven. This tasty hybrid has dense buds and creates a room with citrus aromas that extract from the bag and intensifies while smoking. This strain gives a great chill to the user. Some people use it as a live resin sauce in a concentrate pen by which they feel fantastic. This strain also relaxes the smoker without being sedating. Lemon cookies take away the anxiety without being over intoxicated. Some people intake it occasionally and they feel like the third dimension opened for them. They try to do something but at the same time, they feel tingly. Thus, lemon cookies cannabis strain relaxes an individual from all the worries and tensions.

Benefits of This Product Treatment of the Patient

The hybrid product is popular among the users because it has a delicious taste as it thoroughly mixes the bitterness and the tanginess of lemon in one cannabis. 
This product also gives a high energy level and is very suitable as it branches out to creativity of the mind giving a very relaxing, calm, and tingling sensation at the same time.
3If you feel nervous all the time and suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, this product is a Saviour has its effects very quickly and helps to cure the problems such as chronic pain, depression, and low Esteem.

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