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This HONEYDEW product is made up of 100% pure Cannabis oil which is extracted from CO2. You can have the melon taste if you talk about the taste of this particular product.  before you purchase this product, let us collect more important details about it:

Why use Honeydew?

The first and foremost benefit you could have with this product is to get relief from stress and depression. You will be able to have April long and comfortable sleep after consuming the the CBD through this particular cartridge.


  • in many situations, the product is used for anxiety relief and that's why it can be the biggest benefit through it
  • it might be used as one of the best treatment for epilepsy
  • pain relief is yet another benefit you can expect to get with this product

Side Effects:

  • The side effects of this product may vary from one person to another. however, you can face dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness that are the most common side effects associated with this product.

Why to buy Honeydew?

In the ending part, you may have become familiar with all important details about this particular product so buy it whenever you want.


It is a pretty popular strain and one of the best among all other dank vape cartridges. It has the highest quality CBD and terpenes and was developed by Brothers Grimm. This hybrid strain is one of the types of those formed when Jack Herer and shiva skunk are crossed together. It has indica to sativa in the ratio of 15:85 in terms of percentage.

It has approximately 22% of THC content. If you talk about the appearance of the plant, then this appears light green with orange color hairs-like structure all over it. The reason behind its popularity is its mild citrus or tropical fragrance. Good to try in the day while its effects exist for 90 minutes. It can be beneficial in treating stress, anxiety, depression, and even migraine. You don’t need to go anywhere to buy Honeydew online now to get the best quality products.

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