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Harlequin is a popular Sativa strain that is also known as CBD. After using Harlequin, you will find that your thoughts are clear and you will enjoy a pleasant experience. The CBD level of Harlequinprovides you calmness which helps you to deal with anxiety and stress. It has a sweet mango flavor along with an earthy aroma. It does not have a sedative, but it can still help you to relax which is a big plus point for this product.

If you think that you always feel sad or depressed, then you should consider using Harlequin. It can help in providing you a relaxing experience and create a pleasant mood. When you are relaxed, then you can feel that your brain function will be improved significantly. Such things will help you to fight against mental health issues like depression, stress, or anxiety disorder. You should be careful when using a product like Harlequin as there are some side effects if you do not manage the dose. In higher doses of Harlequin, the users can experience paranoia and dizziness.

The reason why you should consider buying Harlequin is due to its painkilling properties. If you are dealing with chronic pain issues then it can help you to get instant relief.


This is a Sativa dominant strain that is quite popular and renowned for producing cannabidiol drug effects, which is used to treat pain, stress, and insomnia. It does not cause any intoxication or sedation and can relax your nerves. Because it has CBD property thus it can quickly counterattack the side effect caused due to high content of THC buy harlequin online because it is available in various kinds of flavours such as earthy musk and sweet mango. It has a medium-size plant with very tight and dense buds, and the leaves are covered with orange to vivid red color pistils. Most of the users have shared their experience that they feel highly focused after consuming it.

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