Concentrates Gorilla Glue

Concentrates Gorilla Glue

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Gorilla Glue is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has won several awards. It is mostly popular for the high content of THC in it. On average, it has about 18-25% THC, but it can go as high as 32 percent. The CBD in the Gorilla Glue is quite low as it is between 0.5-1%. When the strain is collected during the trimming, the resin is collected on the scissors, which gives it the name Gorilla Glue. One of the reasons to use Gorilla Glue is that it has a coffee or chocolate aroma and once you smoke it, you can feel the difference yourself.

There are several benefits of using Gorilla Glue as it can be used by recreation users or for medical purposes. It will help the users to feel relaxed and help with anxiety disorders. The common side effects of using the concentrated can be cottonmouth and you will sleepy for a long time. If it is taken at a high dose then it can show signs of anxiety and nausea. The reason for you to buy Gorilla Glue, is its medicinal benefits, as it can help you to get better sleep. Some people find the use of concentrate to help them focus on their work and improves their creativity.

Concentrates Gorilla Glue

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